American Photographer Mark Fisher

American Photographer Mark Fisher
An U.S. Army Veteran Established In Filmmaking And Photography

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Course Of Delivery • American Photographer Mark Fisher • Soviet Socialist Platform Postage


The Course Of Delivery 

• American Photographer Mark Fisher •

 Soviet Socialist Platform Postage 

A Piece Of History 

Something With Nightmares Attached 

Many Versions Have Been Tried 

The Mindless Try 

Be True To Your Heart 

Remember Your School

Questions Are Raised 

By People Not Qualified To Speak 

It Falls Back On Greed Of Power 

Which Is Short Lasting 

Not Simple To Live 

Freedom Without Want 

Is The Champion...


Captured Under Natural Light Sources 

Manipulated During Post Production 

In New York City 

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All Rights Reserved • Models,Actors, Actresses,Dancers,

 Musicians Used In The Web Posts Are Professionals

 and Require Fee For Any Publication or Usage. 

All Have Management. 

Removal Of The Image Or Blog May Violate U.S. Laws.

Photographer Mark Fisher™ Is 

A Well Accomplished Published Photographer 

In Beauty, Fashion, and Music Photography. 

New York City 

Based Image And Filmmaker

Has A Worldwide Following. 

Is A Member Of The Press. 

There Is Fan Page On Facebook. 

  Commissions Accepted Through Contract

• New York • • Paris • • Milan • • London • 

  Private Client Request Accepted. 


For More Info Contact 

Green Key Management 

New York, New York 

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