American Photographer Mark Fisher

American Photographer Mark Fisher
An U.S. Army Veteran Established In Filmmaking And Photography

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs • American Fashion Photographer Mark Fisher • Natural Street Images Before And After

American Fashion Photographer Mark Fisher

Captured These Images of

Marc Jacobs Just Before His Show

Marc Jacobs Ready For His Show

Hours Earlier The Same Day

Before His Prep

This Card Was Made For Fun

Marc Jacob’s Composite Card

Mark Fisher American Photographer

What If…

Marc was a Model

Here is Mark Fisher’s

(A Photographer’s interpretation)

Jest About The Change.

Images © Mark Fisher NYC1

I Had Captured These Two Images Of Marc Jacobs

There Was No Press Value.

He Had Nothing But Bad Images On The Web.

He Was Cool At The Time.

I Thought To Have A Bit Of Fun.

Now, Marc Did Have This Piece Of Fun

Removed From A Few Sites.

(It Was Used Without Permission)

There Were Some Great Images

Removed As Well.

So, This Is An Issue.

Marc Jacob’s Composite Card (Ha!)

Mark Fisher Fashion Photographer

What If…

Marc was a Model

Here is Mark Fisher’s

(A Photographer’s interpretation).

Just For Fun! Cheers!

Images © Mark Fisher NYC1

This Piece Of History

Belongs To American Photographer Mark Fisher

You Will Be Prosecuted

By Both Marc Jacobs And Mark Fisher NYC1

Do Not Tamper, Re-present, Or Post

The Above Project Created By Mark Fisher.

Do Not Use This Image

Without Permission

You Must Contact Mark Fisher

Send E-Mail to;

Mark Fisher Will Prosecute You.

Published Worldwide Over Twenty Five Years

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Mark Fisher NYC1 (Click Images)

Mark Fisher Beauty Photographer (Click Images)

(The Real Mark Fisher Photographer Is In New York)

New York Photographer Mark Fisher

Look For The Blogs

To See More Images.

On A Lighter Note

Here Is Stella Maxwell

She Will Become A Great Model.

American Beauty Photographer Mark Fisher

What Is Soft Beauty Portrait...

Could Be The Focus Or The Overall Feel.

This Is The Beautiful Stella Maxwell

In This Image, She Really Accomplishes

The Real Boy Look!

I Have Images That Throw

Her On Both Sides Of The Fence

I Do Like This Image...

It Is Pretty Darn Tough

And The Feel Is Soft...

You Can't Beat that...

Best Of Both Worlds...

Excellent Beauty Image

American Beauty Photographer Mark Fisher

The Soft Portrait Of Stella Maxwell

What A Statement, What A Face!

Beauty Captured In The True Way...

Pushing The Limits

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