American Photographer Mark Fisher

American Photographer Mark Fisher
An U.S. Army Veteran Established In Filmmaking And Photography

Thursday, August 18, 2011

1903 Gold • American Photographer Mark Fisher • Five Dollar Coin Image

Five Dollar Gold Coin

American Photographer Mark Fisher

Nice Image Captured In The Studio

Love The Scars Of Usage

Liberty Head Five Dollar gold coins in average condition

are worth more than gold melt prices.

There are many rare dates scattered throughout the series

but usually only the most common dates after 1880 are generally seen.

The rarest dates would include the 1875, and

just about all the San Francisco Mint pieces from the 1860's.

One outstanding Liberty Head Five of note would be the

incredible, almost perfect 1894-S from the famed

Louis Elaisberg Collection that brought $18,000

when it first sold at auction in 1982, and just 6 years later, in the summer of 1988,

it again sold at auction - this time for the princely sum of $105,000!

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